I recently met a tow truck company owner at our weekly local business chapter meeting and we began discussing little about what I do, How I run this blog where I take a look at various factors that make local business become most successful in their market today.

What does it take to become successful?

In this blog post I went over what it takes to run a successful limo business

When I started talking to the business owner that runs tow truck company, the fact that its a phone driven business makes it really the same principle for success applies as it does for a limo company

Basically phone driven businesses you have to compete against the 5-10 companies in your area and the best reach the top of the list in google search rankings. In order to become the best you really have to be the best and get those positive reviews that really begins to shine after its all said and done.

This is not easy or else everyone will be doing it right? Well one thing you have to understand is that the top players were either around the longest and therefore has built a strong reputation over the years and so if you are trying to knock them off their throne, you really need the other aspect other than better customer service and that is getting into the territory of having superior SEO on your site and local listings. For example having strong search results for the key word Towing would be a good place to start.

This is where the rubber meets the road and where the wheat is separated from the chaff as they say.

In order to acquire this top ranking position, google has to believe you are the authority in the field… When you have the most powerful site backed by strong google plus reviews from your past customers which builds social proof and trust in customers eyes, you really have a formula for magic to take place.

We are talking about going from 10 hits per day if you are 3rd or 4th place to having near 30 to 40 hits per day if you are at the top position with raving reviews about your business.

This is ideally where you want to get to, and with due diligence and the right strategies you will get there. Talking with a tow truck company was interesting because his competitors do not have that much of a strong web presence in fact many of them didn’t even have a website. So when you do things just marginally better than the competition that has no clue what they are doing on the internet, the long term consequences is that you begin to scoop up majority of the market place.

This is something that is not talked about when you begin a business or when you become an entrepreneur.

This is something you learn through series of mishaps and failures and struggle. Its the blood, sweat and tears rolling into a big final culmination that is wisdom, and its this wisdom that is worth millions to business owners.

We are at the cusps of great things ahead because I know I have the knowledge to help business owners, and there is demand out there for the knowledge I know and the coaching. It has always been my dream to be a consultant for local business and these meetings with limo and tow truck owners is one step closer to actualizing my dreams, at the end of the day it is the skill set I am honing and that will carry the day.