Hello LK here, I want to take a brief moment and congratulate you for finding this blog. What that tells me is that you are an entrepreneur or in the process of becoming an entrepreneur. You have the vision of a life that’s better than the one you are living in now. You have a fervent desire and wish to do something great with your life. You have a desire for more in your life. And even though you do not openly voice this, you want more money in your life.

We have been brainwashed since we’re little that money is bad and money is the root of all evil. Well let me tell you and explain that money is not bad, it is simply a piece of paper that will allow you to gain Freedom in this world. Money is not bad, money is freedom. It is only bad when we associate this meaning to it. Look there is always bad people in this world and in person can from time to time enact the corrupt version of themselves and do some bad deeds and most people blame the money for allowing this to happen by pointing a specific examples where the bad man committing crime had money.

There is notion that money somehow makes you insensitive but we forget to realize there areĀ  more people in the world who are rich that are actually saving lives. To misrepresent the effect of wealth into something negative is a for sure sign that person is using clever tricks in the mind to justify why they don’t have money. Because they are too afraid to look into their flaws.

Look without money can you save the million of starving children in the world?

Can you provide safety for your family without money?

Can you have the Freedom to help others without money?

Yet most people out there have deep seeded belief that money is somehow bad or dirty. Do you see what can be the problem here?

And then we have movies like Wolf of Wall street where money is painted as the evil villain in the world of Jordan Belfort. What is the effect of repeatedly showing these types of beliefs into the society.

So we are starting a group of local businesses that wants to discuss about our visions and what value we believe we bring to the future generations and before. How do we build ourselves up from group zero and make it to the top in a world even our friends wants to bring us back down to their level.

This is to snap out of the hypnosis and general anesthesia of mundane existence and into exploring the possibility of living an extraordinary life. Where you are so busy building your passion that you just blow past everyone around you into a level you never thought possible.

Here at our chapter, we discuss openly about these things & more.