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I recently met a tow truck company owner at our weekly local business chapter meeting and we began discussing little about what I do, How I run this blog where I take a look at various factors that make local business become most successful in their market today.

What does it take to become successful?

In this blog post I went over what it takes to run a successful limo business

When I started talking to the business owner that runs tow truck company, the fact that its a phone driven business makes it really the same principle for success applies as it does for a limo company

Basically phone driven businesses you have to compete against the 5-10 companies in your area and the best reach the top of the list in google search rankings. In order to become the best you really have to be the best and get those positive reviews that really begins to shine after its all said and done.

This is not easy or else everyone will be doing it right? Well one thing you have to understand is that the top players were either around the longest and therefore has built a strong reputation over the years and so if you are trying to knock them off their throne, you really need the other aspect other than better customer service and that is getting into the territory of having superior SEO on your site and local listings. For example having strong search results for the key word Towing would be a good place to start.

This is where the rubber meets the road and where the wheat is separated from the chaff as they say.

In order to acquire this top ranking position, google has to believe you are the authority in the field… When you have the most powerful site backed by strong google plus reviews from your past customers which builds social proof and trust in customers eyes, you really have a formula for magic to take place.

We are talking about going from 10 hits per day if you are 3rd or 4th place to having near 30 to 40 hits per day if you are at the top position with raving reviews about your business.

This is ideally where you want to get to, and with due diligence and the right strategies you will get there. Talking with a tow truck company was interesting because his competitors do not have that much of a strong web presence in fact many of them didn’t even have a website. So when you do things just marginally better than the competition that has no clue what they are doing on the internet, the long term consequences is that you begin to scoop up majority of the market place.

This is something that is not talked about when you begin a business or when you become an entrepreneur.

This is something you learn through series of mishaps and failures and struggle. Its the blood, sweat and tears rolling into a big final culmination that is wisdom, and its this wisdom that is worth millions to business owners.

We are at the cusps of great things ahead because I know I have the knowledge to help business owners, and there is demand out there for the knowledge I know and the coaching. It has always been my dream to be a consultant for local business and these meetings with limo and tow truck owners is one step closer to actualizing my dreams, at the end of the day it is the skill set I am honing and that will carry the day.


Today I want to write sort of like stream of consciousness about what makes an successful entrepreneur or what makes a entrepreneur period and is it worth becoming one? Why do some people become entrepreneurs?

Well let’s take a look at the question is worth becoming entrepreneur?

This may depend on varying personal world view and personal value system, but one must understand that in order to really get ahead in life or accumulate not just good income but wealth, then one must understand they need to do something where the income multiplies by using other people’s resources, not trading time in for dollars.

When we work for a company or corporation, we are essentially trading in our time for money, so our true potential as human being is always capped at a certain amount. This limits our capacity for creativity and when we are not being creative and being rewarded for it, there is lack of excitement in each and every moment, because there’s simply no substantial reward.

When one becomes a business owner they are handed down all of the responsibility to create wealth for themselves, this ultimatum aka getting backed into a corner, forces the individual to either evolve or die, and in these kind of desperate situations, although it may appear uncomfortable in the surface, is where human creativity and evolution thrives.

As human being of the 21st century it is my personal belief that we have to constantly put the evolutionary pressure s on ourselves. When life is easy our mentality gets weak, similar to weight lifter that stops going to the gym. The scary thing about this is that when our physical body gets weak it shows itself physically so it is easy to distinguish, “oh I need to get back into shape again” however when our mental body gets weak, we get weak with it, so it become difficult to distinguish that we are slowly withering away and getting weaker by the day.

Next thing you know 1,2, 5 years have passed and we are no long performing or producing anymore. We fall into the mode of becoming a consumer where we go back to sleep where it is comfortable.

Leading a successful life as business owner is constantly having self-awareness to put that evolutionary pressure back onto yourself as often times as you can remember. And it is the “remembering” process that is the key and those are the efforts you should reward each and everyday.

Because to “remember” is to pick yourself back up again and that is more than half the battle. We all fail in life, in fact one of my favorite quote of all time is “key to success is to fail as many times as possible without the loss of enthusiasm”

This is where all of the greats in life are produced, by this single statement in my humble opinion encapsulates the true secret to success.

Is the ability to go through rejections and failures and then keep getting back up and doing it again and again anyways. This is the human spirit I cherish the most and value the most, its that person that hustle from failure after failure but persists with enthusiasm and without the loss of optimism.

In my opinion this is the attitude that breeds success.

How to be successful in life

“If we are willing to do what other people aren’t willing to do today, so we can get what we want tomorrow” –Jordan Belfort


What is the process of running a successful business in Michigan?

Running a local business is not easy when you are dealing with 10 other competitors in the area that all want to dominate over you and eat you for breakfast if they had the option.

Local business such as limousines, carpet cleaning, Janitorial services, and others can be a really cut throat type of business with many obstacles if you are not prepared. For example, take a look at the carpet cleaning niche in business it is being dominating by two companies the Modernistic and Dave’s #1 Carpet cleaning.

The top search rankings are being dominated by these guys so it is quite difficult to get any foot print for new businesses starting in the carpet cleaning business.

I know another blogger that writes about business in Michigan and he has found the same thing in some of the niches, there is just long standing powerful companies that has a strong grip in the market.

So how can the little guy come out on top?

Well like I tell all my clients, if you have a great product or service the market place will reward you with value in return comparable to money or anything valuable to human life.

This is why when making investment options I always look to invest my money in a company that I believe in, knowing that if they have great product or service, no matter what the stocks is stating in that particular moment, I know that they will do very well in the long term.


Warren Buffet, the greatest financial mongol of our time has stated that he much prefers to invest in something that generates income instead of something like gold or silver that counts on the fear level of the market place to determine its value.

I think this is a brilliant statement, because it is true, the value of gold will only increase when people become afraid of the dollar crashing, and this is counting or relying on external circumstances to line up before one makes any money.

Whereas if you invest in a great business that is producing real valuable product or service then even if the economy collapses, that business still has value. Because their quality of service or product is not dependent on the market place, it is created by human creativity.

That is the true value out there, so when I get clients like Rochester Limousine that wants inevitably talk about how they can get ahead or how they can beat the surrounding limo companies in Troy and Rochester Hills. I have to remind them that to truly lead to victory for the long term is to truly beat everybody else in quality of product, service & price.

The 3 core principle that makes any business rise to the top. So many of us get caught up in the latest gadgets and techno wiz out there that they miss the #1 important thing business should work on day in and day out, and that is consistent delivery of superb service.

In my humble opinion, there should be less focus on technology and more focus on refinement of your product and service.

Of course once that is sorted and everything can be dialed into a finely tuned system, then one can begin to explore how to market that system into the marketplace so that the business experiences great growth without the decline of quality.



Hello LK here, I want to take a brief moment and congratulate you for finding this blog. What that tells me is that you are an entrepreneur or in the process of becoming an entrepreneur. You have the vision of a life that’s better than the one you are living in now. You have a fervent desire and wish to do something great with your life. You have a desire for more in your life. And even though you do not openly voice this, you want more money in your life.

We have been brainwashed since we’re little that money is bad and money is the root of all evil. Well let me tell you and explain that money is not bad, it is simply a piece of paper that will allow you to gain Freedom in this world. Money is not bad, money is freedom. It is only bad when we associate this meaning to it. Look there is always bad people in this world and in person can from time to time enact the corrupt version of themselves and do some bad deeds and most people blame the money for allowing this to happen by pointing a specific examples where the bad man committing crime had money.

There is notion that money somehow makes you insensitive but we forget to realize there are  more people in the world who are rich that are actually saving lives. To misrepresent the effect of wealth into something negative is a for sure sign that person is using clever tricks in the mind to justify why they don’t have money. Because they are too afraid to look into their flaws.

Look without money can you save the million of starving children in the world?

Can you provide safety for your family without money?

Can you have the Freedom to help others without money?

Yet most people out there have deep seeded belief that money is somehow bad or dirty. Do you see what can be the problem here?

And then we have movies like Wolf of Wall street where money is painted as the evil villain in the world of Jordan Belfort. What is the effect of repeatedly showing these types of beliefs into the society.

So we are starting a group of local businesses that wants to discuss about our visions and what value we believe we bring to the future generations and before. How do we build ourselves up from group zero and make it to the top in a world even our friends wants to bring us back down to their level.

This is to snap out of the hypnosis and general anesthesia of mundane existence and into exploring the possibility of living an extraordinary life. Where you are so busy building your passion that you just blow past everyone around you into a level you never thought possible.

Here at our chapter, we discuss openly about these things & more.