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This question gets asked often, what is that elusive thing we call success? What does it take to actually be successful? Is it something you are born with? is it something someone is gifted with? Or is it about having a special set up of circumstances one grew up in? or is it all about knowing the right people ? is it in the DNA?

There’s all these different theories about success that crosses our minds when we ask this question to ourselves, really they are just excuses the mind comes up with to justify where he / she is at in life. ¬†You must command your life.

All those statement above on what people mistakenly think what success is, is exactly what success is not. Success is about using the human will power which we all have, and directing it towards particular goal or mission, until achievement or completion.

The keyword here is UNTIL

Meaning you go towards that goal until you make it, as human being we all have this awful useless fear of not looking stupid, but in the name of progress you gotta look stupid & foolish sometimes. Success is about going towards that dream or vision and moving through objections & failures without the loss of enthusiasm.

Success to me is a state of mind at the end of the day, it is the ability to continue to make 100% effort to your target no matter what it is about being completely committed to one’s goals in life so much so that you take massive action where success is inevitable. And then continually setting higher goals that far surpass your current peers and you reach a realm of changing your outer reality completely. This means cutting ties with old relationship and establishing new ties with new people that operate at the same wavelength as you. And your wavelength is someone that is driven and motivated to become the best that there is.

Success is that elusive factor that we are all after, but most people are not willing to go for it. They are too afraid to fail and they settle and justify their shit existence. Life is about progress and moving forward with full force and commitment. It is not about settling for something or someone, it is about operating on all cylinders on all levels, pistons firing off and you create so much momentum that others have to agree that you are a force to reckon with and that you operate on a level that others simply have to yield to your power and might. Success is about building that human fortitude of mind and spirit, it is about aligning the subconscious to become the strongest version of yourself and projecting that strong version of self out into the world an have others drawn to your energy and vitality and excitement. I am a force to be reckon with.

I recently started working with a Troy Garage Door Repair company and started to give them consultation on how to grow their business and make it into a large operation. This company was sort of staying at the same level year after year, and plateaued in sales. I am the force that came in and I must shake things up and wake everyone up inside. I am a force because day to day I am pushing myself to perform at a higher level than I did yesterday. I came in and pushed these guys so hard that they were forced to either accept and move forward with big business decision or they would have to contradict everything they stand for to deny what I was requesting them to do.

The problem most business owners have is they are not setting goals. They are just going by the motions and living in reaction instead of asserting their dreams & vision into the world. Most business owners stagnate and they leave it up to a larger force to come in and take all the power away from them. If you are not working towards your dreams & goals, someone will come take it away from you.

-Los Kommando



It is important to study what the top producers are doing in the field of business becomes success leaves clues. What the top producers are doing in any field can determine what you need to emulate to get there. I have never been an early riser but after reading many audio books that talk about the importance of getting up early and getting work I have now become an early riser and my productivity is off the chart so here is the list of top things entrepreneurs do to get ahead in life.

  1. They spark their mind daily with inspirations: They either read or listen to audio books that teach them about success and wealth. Our mind is a sponge and it is at the effect of outer influences, so you have to be careful about what you put into your mind because not everything out there is for your best interest but the interest of big corporations. When you take control of what you are influenced by you begin to take control of your thinking and thinking leads to clarity and right choices & action which leads to a different destiny.
  2. They take good care for their physical vessel: Whether we like it or not, our mind is connected to our physical body, and if mind plays that big of a role in success then building a strong body also becomes very important for success. Successful people do not neglect their body, they embrace and take good care of it.
  3. They take massive action: Successful people are no different than rest of us, but they are the people that took massive action in any one direction and created a lot of momentum. The unsuccessful folks takes average amounts of action and most of them when they face any type of resistance give up and go the other direction
  4. They are early risers: Successful people get up early in the morning because they have a mission and purpose in life. There is different level of intent when they get up out of bed. They are driven and motivated, and studies show that the human mind has the strongest will power in the morning so when doing personal develop in the morning the effects become great.
  5. They have a vision & higher purpose in life: Successful people decide that they have a higher purpose in life and they have a vision of the world of where they want to go in life.

For me the vision or higher purpose in life is to spiritually evolve into a human being that has ascended his or her limitation and lives in a space that is ever more into gratitude & self love. It is to consistently strive towards my potential.

What is your purpose & vision in life?